Photography for me has been something I have had an interest in and passion for, for as long as I can remember. I never had a camera as a child or even as teenager from memory. I remember wanting to do photography after school, but the world had a different plan for me. Photography was pretty much forgotten about for a very long time. In fact, it wasn’t until around 2009 – 18 years later - after a trip to New Zealand that I managed to purchase my first “real” camera”. It was like something had shifted in my world. It then wasn’t until 2014 that I was able to upgrade that camera to a professional camera. AND BOY did my world change. I cannot really explain to you what photography means to me in words, but I can tell you that when I go out there and take images and I have a camera in my hand I am completely at peace in my world. When I am behind the lens, nothing else seems to exist and everything that is real is in my viewfinder. I am taken to a different place, so taken by the moment, and it is the most powerful, calming feeling.

From grass-roots


My greatest wish is that when others view my images, they connect emotionally with what they see. Whether that be a landscape image that makes them want to visit that special place, a picture of them with their best friend or a family image taken at a special event. Every image is unique to the person viewing it.